In an attempt to stop a string of terrorist bombings in Los Angeles, the elite L.A.P.D Bomb Squad team must disarm a series of intricate explosive devices amidst a city-wide panic. In the process, female bomb tech, Jodie Riley is forced to become a rogue assassin to stop the terrorists at all costs. 

In the vein of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, ALLEGIANCE focuses on the very likely domestic scenario of terrorism in American cities in the 21st Century.  


A psychological thriller in the vein of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Basic Instinct, TWIN SOULS follows seasoned Detective William Beller and his partner Rene Royce as they seek to uncover the dark twisted secrets behind a serial killer's fascination with twins. At the core of the story is a killer acting out the mythological legend of the Chimera on the human stage. 


A futuristic sci-fi thriller in the vein of Oblivion, Mad Max and Romeo & Juliet. Set in the 23rd century, an enormous meteor shower leaves the majority of earth virtually uninhabitable, causing a new human civilization to develop on the moon. Basic survival differences surface between the remaining earth and moon populations, causing the young negotiators in confrontation to fall in love… their fate lies in the middle of what seems to be an unsolvable conflict that will determine the fate of both worlds. 


 A sweeping epic drama that follows a Jewish family’s escape from the WWII Holocaust across the trans-Siberian railroad into an uncertain future in Japan. Through their journey into Asia and beyond, the family encounters the extreme horrors of war, as well as unexpected love and betrayal that threatens to tear their bonds apart. 

RECYCLING JAYME (Finalist in the Hollywood Reporter/ Women in Film/ MORE Magazine script competition)

A romantic dramedy and adult coming-of-age story about our heroine Jayme Ryan who, after reaching rock bottom, goes on the ultimate quest for enlightenment -- finding luck, love and herself along the way. In a story that fits into today's culture of quick, easy fixes, Jayme represents the soul-searching inner journey that many will take in an effort to find their true selves.